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Cocktails----heavy on the booze, light on the commentary. Classics, modern takes, and originals.


Additionally, I want to acknowledge my use of imagery. Over time, I will replace images with my own. For the time being, during this pandemic crisis, I'm limited in my photographing ability and will use openly available images taken from freely accessible sites. 


Though I don't drink often, I've got quite the affinity for good booze with strong fragrance or an appropriately strong bite. I like everything from a whiskey neat to a frilly citrus-forward cocktail served up with a flower. (Except tequila. You won't find tequila here.) I don't like blogs that opine the smaller details and belabor preference and opinion. I'll tell you what I think if only just enough for you to grasp my approach. 

Most cocktails I drink are crafted around a specific spirit to bring out its unique notes, especially if seasonal.

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