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An ongoing series exploring my varying subtle takes on one of the most classic cocktails.

I usually crave a spirit-forward cocktail, regardless of the season. Summer calls for crisp Negronis chilled to perfection. But people have many opinions about the Negroni----lots of "always" and "never." Always and never don't work well for me.

I've read that one should always use a dry gin in a Negroni, and one should never stray from Campari. Today, I break both those rules. After all, if you like a gin, you should drink it, and if you switch Campari for something within the same category that has the same strength, what could go wrong?

Please don't mind the home-grown photo; I do what I can during a pandemic.

Negroni #2

1 oz. FEW Spirits Breakfast Gin

1 oz. Carpano Antica

1 oz. Galliano L'APERTIVO

1 dash Angostura Orange bitters

1 orange peel for essence and garnish

Measure all ingredients and pour into a tin or beaker.

Fill with ice; stir until cold.

Pour into coupe glass.

Twist orange peel around edge and on top of glass; garnish.


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